Research & Analysis

Insight lead solutions

Our success is built upon a deep understanding of the markets in which we operate. We are entrenched within the Telecoms, Media and Technology industries as part of our everyday working lives. To further support our knowledge, we conduct comprehensive research to stay abreast of new developments and industry trends.

Big data analytics

In order to offer our clients the very best advice; information gathering, data analysis and extensive market research are integral tools in our arsenal.

Our competency in the collection and evaluation of information and the application of quantitative and qualitative data analysis methodologies means that our experience and knowledge is supported by evidence. The result for our clients is a truly informed approach and an insight lead counsel.

Research capability

Through the development of mecscomms research and analysis capabilities, we can bring our skills to bear, when you need us. The starting point of any research and analysis project is to clearly define your needs and then commit to delivering the insight you require. Commonly this will be drawn from areas such as:

Talent pooling 
Candidate tracking 
Trend analysis
Organisational & departmental mapping
Competitor analysis
Salary benchmarking
Employment market evaluation
Feasibility studies

Business intelligence

Information is the key to a successful recruitment strategy design and implementation. Having a good research partner means that you can go forward safe in the knowledge that your decision making is both informed and effective.

Effective decision making

Decisions that have a significant and positive impact on your organisation are more likely with the application of data science. With mecscomms as your research and analysis partner, you can have assurance in the fact that your decisions are informed, supported by the most up to date statistics.

We will make sure that your recruitment is not only working well, but that it is operating effectively with targeted efforts delivering the results you require.