Career Transitions

Constant change, the new normal

Telecoms, Media and Technology is synonymous with change. From start-ups to multi-national conglomerates, events such as M&A, outsourcing, market pressures and advances in technology often results in the need for employers to reorganise and restructure. With change being so commonplace it’s unfortunate but a modern occupational hazard that redundancy is a fact of life.

As the TMT sector is constantly evolving, you have probably had to develop your skills to meet workplace demands. There may however be occasions whereby a redundancy situation is unavoidable. In these circumstances mecscomms can help and provide support, if you find yourself directly or indirectly impacted by an organisational restructure.

When your journey within an organisation must conclude and you are affected by redundancy, mecscomms offer a bespoke support service. We’ll help you transition into a new role and assist you in preparing for life outside of your current organisation.

Supporting you during challenging times

A period of change can be difficult and this is particularly true if you have been a part of the growth of your current employer for many years. Whilst this may be a time of uncertainty and mixed emotions, rest assured in our ability to provide you with the tools and support needed to help navigate this juncture in your career.

Maintaining motivation, morale and confidence is essential during times of transition. To help deal with these challenging scenarios mecscomms has devised a career transition and redundancy support service to help you embrace, adapt and grow in response to change.

Compassionate, practical and professional advice

During this delicate and potentially stressful time, the last thing needed is a one-size-fits-all approach. You can be certain that we will be on-board from the very beginning, where and when you need us most. The service you receive will be carefully tailored to suit your individual needs, approach and career ambitions. We can support you with:

Individual career coaching
Realistic assessment of skill set and training needs
CV and resume assessment, guidance and development
Help with strategic job searching
Advice on best practice for opportunities such as LinkedIn and non-traditional job seeking
Interview and application practice
Outplacement management 
Retirement and semi-retirement options

The next chapter

When we are aiding a career transition we look to offer a bespoke and tailored solution from the very beginning. Transition should mean positive change and successful development. Our experience, contacts and industry knowledge are the keys that will help to unlock your true potential and help to settle you into a new and rewarding career.

If you have been affected by an organisational restructure or redundancy situation mecscomms is here to help. We will assist you in progressing to the next stage of your career, providing you with the necessary support and knowledge to expertly guide you through this journey and onto pastures new.