The people, people

Everyone’s professional aspirations are as distinctive as their DNA. Whoever you are, whatever your career development needs, it’s never been more important to get the best and impartial advice from those with a proven ability in helping others to realise their goals.

At mecscomms we have spent years helping talented Telecoms, Media and Technology professionals to fulfil their potential and develop meaningful careers. This has been achieved through focusing on your needs as appose to our own.

A holistic approach

Employment is about much more than just a job! There are physical, emotional, personal development and shared value considerations. Sure, the role you will be performing is an important factor but so too is; the impact it has on your life, the fulfilment you get from going to work, the opportunities it may lead to, the social interactions it presents and of course the lifestyle it affords you.

We take time to understand what matters to you and provide the support and expert guidance needed to help you find that perfect opportunity.

Through partnering with mecscomms you can be assured that we will:

Support you
Changing jobs can be very stressful, with many an obstacle to overcome. It can be a difficult and lonely task, testing the patience of the best of us. We will support you throughout every stage of the career development process to help alleviate any anxiety. Whatever your situation, if you have been affected by an organisational restructure, a change in personal circumstances, perhaps you are looking for that next big step or you simply feel it’s time to move to pastures new, we are here to partner with you.

Work with you
People are our prime asset, without them how else would we deliver great talent to the employers who rely upon us? As such our service has been designed around your needs. We will listen and take the time to understand you, your circumstances, abilities, skills, desires and longer term plans. To us it’s about creating happy marriages not forcing gunshot weddings.

Work for you
We can help you achieve your ambitions and identify the next opportunity, whatever stage you are at in your career journey. If you have talent, we have the knowhow and contacts to help you realise your career goals. With an unrivalled network of Telecoms, Media and Technology contacts we can get you in front of the right people at the companies you desire most. Furthermore we will help you to stand out from the competition.

Advise you
Together we will identify what really matters to you and then provide guidance, information, choice and expert advice to present you with solutions that meet your requirements. You can always rely upon us for timely feedback and honest candour.

Your career champion

Everything we do is designed to ensure your potential is realised. Our team are highly experienced in developing other people’s careers and are committed to supporting you on route to a better future.