Permanent Recruitment

Building the foundations of success

Your team is a key component to the success of your organisation. It is vital therefore to have a robust recruitment solution in place to identify great talent. To carry out such an important undertaking requires time, energy and specialist knowledge.

Since 1999 mecscomms has been sourcing world class TMT talent for permanent vacancies. Over many years we have developed talent pools and cultivated relationships with vast networks of industry contacts in order to source, vet and deliver the most appropriate candidates to meet your needs.

Finding and engaging the right talent

We recognise the importance of matching personality, aspirations and values alongside skills, track record and ability. Regardless of whether you are recruiting for a technical, specialist, professional or managerial position, identifying someone with the right cultural fit is paramount.

Time, familiarity and experience have taught us the characteristics of each position within the TMT industry. This knowledge allows us to not only search the market intelligently but also to concentrate our efforts on learning about you, your team dynamics and business culture. Through this insight led and collaborative approach we are better placed to accurately match the right people with the right opportunity.

Sourcing and matching is not the end of the story, we also possess the expertise to excite and engage talent about your opportunity. At mecscomms we take pride in our abilities and will work on your behalf to:

Understand your specific needs
The key to a successful ending is a great start. Time will be taken to learn about your business, obtain a deep understanding of your requirements and the challenges you face. This will allow us to deliver the best solution to your problem.

Search the whole market to find highly-skilled professionals for hard-to-fill roles
Our established talent pools and market knowledge give us a unique insight to perform comprehensive searches for both active and passive candidates. By looking in places that other consultants don’t, we find the most appropriate applicants and the best hidden talent.

Match candidates holistically
We use proven methodologies and comprehensive processes to determine whether a candidate is right for your company, opportunity and culture. Applicants are matched in terms of skills, experience, personality, values and aspirations.

Assess suitability 
Our appraisals and evaluations go beyond the CV to measure and test skills, competencies, attributes, behaviours, motivations, personalities and long term objectives. We do our due diligence to verify any claims a candidate makes to give you peace of mind.

Brief candidates thoroughly and represent your brand effectively 
When it comes to consulting prospective candidates, we present all the facts about the role, company and culture. We’ll also make sure applicants gain a realistic understanding of your unique working environment and any challenges they may face. Whatever your story, we will ensure the integrity of your brand is upheld.

Shortlist, select and secure 
The culmination of our efforts is the presentation of a superstar shortlist. Choose interviews with assurance that you’re selecting from the best talent available, perfectly aligned to and enthused about your opportunity.

Navigate the process effectively 
Momentum will be maintained through efficient coordination and support. We will provide timely feedback and facilitate negotiations skilfully.

Support onboarding
To enable a smooth and successful onboarding and integration process, we provide the necessary communication and ongoing support.

Be trustworthy and transparent in our approach
We won’t bombard you with annoying sales calls, just useful updates from a single point of contact. Your trust is important to us, and once we’ve earned it, we won’t jeopardise it. We’ll demonstrate sound judgement when handling confidential information and feeding back to candidates.

Why choose mecscomms for permanent recruitment?

Permanent recruitment is one of our specialities, and one in three interviews we set up results in an offer. We remain on preferred supplier lists for numerous organisations, and have placed over 100 candidates at the same company in many instances – something we believe speaks volumes about our abilities.

The reason for this success is that we take the time to understand exactly what you need, and why. We’ve recruited for most roles that exist in Telecoms, Media and Technology, and we understand the unique characteristics which make each position special. This expertise allows us to search the market intelligently and meet your requirements with precision.

Our success rate is a result of two decades worth of experience and relationship building. Choosing mecscomms means partnering with one of the leading specialist recruitment consultants in TMT.