Assessment & Testing

Invest in a better understanding

Q. Are you looking for an effective way to evaluate candidates?
Q. Do you want to identify training needs in individuals or entire teams?
Q. Do you need to improve workplace relationships?
Q. Would you like better insight for succession planning and career development programmes?

Making important HR decisions can be difficult – especially when the future of your company and employees is at stake. By investing in assessments and testing, you can get the insights you need to make impartial, informed and smart business decisions.

How does testing and assessment work?

There are many types of occupational assessments, generally referred to as psychometric tests, aptitude assessments or personality profiles. The majority measure variables such as ability, beliefs, intelligence, interests, motivators, personality, reasoning, skills and values etc.
The common denominator amongst them all is that they offer objective data for otherwise more subjective measurements. This enables you to identify future leaders, nurture talent and create harmonious team dynamics.

Whilst the advantages of pre-employment or occupational assessments are clear unfortunately too many organisations utilise inappropriate tests or use them in the wrong way. With the adoption of psychometric tests and personality profiling becoming more commonplace, mecscomms has devised a service to ensure those using these resources do so with minimal risk whilst maximising their benefit.

What can testing & assessment help with?

Choosing the best candidates

By empirically assessing candidates, be they internal or external, you can evaluate skills, predict personality traits, assess cultural fit, and much more. This achieves more than just allowing you to build better teams. It also helps to maximise productivity, improve employee engagement and retention, and confirm that you’ve selected the best candidate for a role.

Identifying training needs

Your company never stops evolving, so neither should your colleagues. Psychometric testing helps you maximise their potential through training, development, and retention activities. It enables you to cost-effectively identify development needs in an individual or team, so you can determine the most appropriate training for them.

Improving workplace relationships

Assessments can shed new light on workplace relationships by helping colleagues to see how they can best work together. By determining areas where development is needed, employees are able to work around each other’s strengths and weaknesses effectively. As a result, conflicts are more easily resolved and teams can focus on being productive. Testing and assessment can also highlight the unique contributions an employee makes. This can help employees to feel valued, boosting morale and overall satisfaction at work.

Career development and employee engagement

Nurturing talent and guiding people’s career paths can be challenging, especially when an individual feels they’re not happy with their current trajectory. In these situations, assessment and testing techniques can provide a clear path forward. They help to identify needs, justify decisions and inform plans for personal development, so the individual can reach their maximum potential.

Why choose mecscomms for testing and assessment?

We have extensive experience in large-scale testing and assessment initiatives. We were using these resources before they became popular, and are able to offer expert consultancy regarding your testing and assessment requirements. Simply put, we’ll help you obtain those crucial HR insights in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Whatever your testing or assessment requirements, mecscomms offer a totally unbiased service. We will work with you to understand what solution is best for your given environment, situation or specific business need. From recommendation through to administration, interpretation and analysis, you will be completely guided through the process, helping to safeguard the probability of selecting and retaining the very best talent.