Career Coaching

Cultivating and nurturing talent for growth

Today’s business environment is competitive! Challenges and demands are plentiful. Possessing the ability to adapt and thrive under these circumstances is part of modern work life! With the pace of change rapidly increasing, all too often individuals and organisations not only miss out on opportunities but also find themselves struggling to manage conflicting priorities. The results of such pressures can have a devastating impact on performance.

In demanding situations whereby decisions are complex, consequences are far reaching and change is constant, it is easy to understand the increasing need for coaching and mentoring services. Whilst there may be some disparity in the definition of coaching, the positive impact of exploring and facilitating a process of advancement is universally acknowledged.

Empowering people to achieve their maximum potential

The days when coaching was viewed exclusively as an instrument to resolve issues in the boardroom or as a tool to correct underperformance are gone. Coaching is now more widely used to develop and enhance the capabilities of high potential performers. It can assist in addressing a specific skills shortfall, a development or training need, contribute to meeting an improvement target or provide clarity when going through a period of transition. It’s a mechanism which enables individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential, in any given circumstance. Furthermore, development initiatives generally increase efficiency, effectiveness, morale and loyalty.

Working together to achieve greatness

Coaching benefits are well established however, it is essential that any career development initiative delivers real and measurable value. To this end mecscomms personalised career coaching service is specifically designed to meet the needs of those it supports. This bespoke approach results in a more efficient, engaging and convenient solution for both the individual and company.

mecscomms suite of career development & coaching services

Our career management and professional development coaching can be delivered to accommodate a variety of one to one or group scenarios, including but not limited to:

Individual executive coaching
Professional career development coaching 
Board, team or group coaching
In house capability coaching & mentoring

A variety of professional, practical and psychological competencies can be addressed and improved through our coaching services. Be it for business coaching, individual coaching, mentoring, consulting, culture, leadership, strategy or innovation, we have had particular success in the following areas:

Leadership facilitation
Performance improvement 
Relationship building 
Promotional fast tracking
Crisis coaching 
Leadership training
Management and delegation
Strategy consulting
Knowledge management
Hostile environments
Professional development
Change coaching

We can help you to understand what the best approach for your given situation is, addressing every stage of the improvement process including:

Identify needs
Define desired outcome
Learning technique assessments
Match learner & coach

Action plan
Learning & practice
Monitor & improve
Feedback & mastery

Refine & re-engineer
Measure results
Share success
Repeat success

Why choose mecscomms for coaching & mentoring?

We have extensive experience in successfully delivering large-scale coaching and mentoring initiatives. Our service is totally unbiased whereby we will work with you to understand your aims and deliver a career development service that provides the resources and support needed to achieve your goals.

From enabling an individual to reach their full potential to enhancing collaboration and productivity, our coaching service can deliver employee development programmes to up-skill and engage your workforce.