Emerging Talent

From acorns mighty trees grow

New blood is the life blood of any company. Whilst it’s likely that an injection of fresh talent will often involve an experienced hire, entry level and early careers recruitment continues to be a key strategy deployed by many organisations.

Through the nurturing & development of today’s Millennial and GenZ demographic, future leaders, subject matter experts and board members are being cultivated. In order to attract and retain the very best of these innovative, entrepreneurial and eager minds, it’s paramount to utilise a recruitment strategy that will resonate with them.

Engaging the next generation

Becoming a highly desirable destination for the cream of British and International academics requires more than the traditional “milk round” tour of universities. To truly engage with the talent of the future, multiple timely approaches and new techniques need to be deployed.

In industries such as TMT which continue to innovate at pace and where the jobs of the future don’t even exist yet, this has never been more important. Whilst we may have limited foresight of tomorrow’s careers options, we do have insight into the people who will be performing them. At mecscomms we understand how to attract, stimulate and communicate with the very best emerging talent.

The early bird catches the worm

Why recruit once the players are on the field? It’s important to develop a bond with next generation talent as early as possible. Through our emerging talent and early careers recruitment initiatives mecscomms do just that! We have fostered campus relationships with schools, colleges, universities and training academies to ensure we are able to capture and engage future talent at the opportune moment.

Whether you seek interns, school leavers, apprentices, graduates or quality trainees, we have a solution to identify and deliver the high flyers of the future. And when you’re looking for talent to invest in, we’ll help maximise the value of your human assets through:

Emerging talent recruitment process

Recognising potential early
Talent spotting is what we do! We’re great talent scouts, dedicated to finding high calibre candidates. Our early careers initiatives, campus relationships and emerging talent partnerships feed us with ambitious fresh minds to select from. We also track and map talent.

Communication and engagement
Messaging and placement is essential. We know what matters to the iGeneration. More importantly, we understand how and where they consume and absorb media and information, ensuring we are always relevant.

Rigorous assessment and testing
We conduct comprehensive evaluations of prospective candidates. Our appraisals go beyond the CV to measure skills, competencies, attributes, behaviours, motivations, personalities and long term objectives.

Matching desire with opportunity
Round pegs go in round holes. We ensure that both candidate and client ambitions are achieved.

Successful onboarding
We are perfectly placed to provide ongoing support to enable a smooth transition from learning to the workplace.

Why choose mecscomms for early careers and graduate recruitment?

It’s a cliché but, the future really is in the hands of the next generation. Our extensive experience in recruiting entry level and emerging talent means you can rest assured in our ability to deliver the best and brightest of new candidates.

mecscomms future success is dependent upon the prosperity of our clients and the wider TMT industry. We aim to secure that fate through safeguarding it with the most capable talent the next generation has to offer.

Whatever your entry level, early career, graduate or emerging talent recruitment requirements, contact us today for a free consultation.