Contract & Interim Services

The gig economy

Many organisations in the Telecoms, Media and Technology sectors choose to embrace a flexible workforce to complement their existing resources. For those with in demand talents, the gig economy presents an opportunity to capitalise on sought after skills.

During periods of rapid growth, transformation, peak demand or on occasions whereby specific expertise is required to deliver a project, the demand for professional contractors and interim managers continues to grow at pace.

Capitalising on your skills and ability

Since 1999 mecscomms has been engaging with and developing a network of professionals within the contracting community. We have utilised our experience, knowledge and client base to identify a wide range of exciting projects for first time contractors through to established senior career interims.

We understand the intricacies of the contracting world and provide advice and support to those whom operate within it. From supplying insight on the most desired skill sets and market rates through to the timely management of renewals, mecscomms can help you to realise your full potential and ensure any assignment you undertake runs efficiently and smoothly.

Delivering the best interim assignments

Having the exciting projects to offer is just once piece of the puzzle. We rely on our contractors to deliver professional solutions to our clients and apply the same quality ethos to the services we provide to our freelance consultants. In partnering with mecscomms for temporary project work, you can expect:

Timely and relevant contact
From an initial application through to prompt updates and detailed feedback, our communication with you will always be relevant, reliable and informed

Technical knowhow and market insight
Our specialisation within TMT allows us to understand your abilities with precision. You will receive the best advice to ensure the long term success and development of your contract career.

A variety of appropriate opportunities
In order to offer contractors a diverse pool of exciting and suitable opportunities, we consistently develop new connections and nurture existing client relationships with volume contract hirers.

Thorough briefings
When it comes to consulting with you, we present all the facts about an assignment. You’ll gain a realistic understanding of any potential challenges, team dynamics and other relevant insights.

Effective representation
We will promote you with honesty and integrity. We will never over exaggerate your skills but will always endorse your unique abilities.

Competitive rates and fair terms and conditions
A content contractor provides better services than an unhappy one! You will be favourably compensated and treated fairly throughout the duration of your assignment.

Prompt and accurate payment
You will receive timely and correct payments for services delivered. Payments are made within 3 days of timesheet submissions, with self-bill remittance invoices issued as standard.

Efficient processes and systems
Nobody enjoys unnecessary administration. We’ve invested in automated systems to reduce onerous tasks and increase efficiency. You can concentrate on delivering great services to our clients.

Legislative compliance
To help mitigate risk and offer added security; due diligence, compliance and auditing is given the highest priority, to provide you with peace of mind.

Excellent customer service
A positive customer experience and ongoing support is essential to keep you engaged and motivated throughout the duration of your assignment. We pay attention to detail and strive to get things right, first time!

Why mecscomms for contract and interim services?

The correlation between agent, contractor and client requires duality in order to ensure a successful contract placement. We understand this and take pride in our ability to bring likeminded professionals and organisations together, so that each party benefits from an ongoing relationship.

Throughout the entire lifecycle of an assignment process, you will be treated professionally and transparently. We take time to understand your motivations and desires so that we can accurately identify the right opportunity for you. Our aim of developing long term relationships with our contract partners is achieved through not only providing exciting projects to work on but in delivering an exceptional service throughout an assignment.