Employer Branding

Don’t use a red hot iron to brand your company logo onto your staff

Branding is everywhere. Despite being exposed to in excess of 5000 marketing messages a day, research suggests that our brains register less than 250. This is as relevant in human resources people strategies as it is across all advertising, communications and marketing activity. Great employer branding sets apart the companies of tomorrow from those of yesterday! Getting the employee value proposition right is an essential tool in the challenge of attracting, inspiring & retaining great talent.

Your people deal

Whilst marketing is regarded as the process of communicating value, branding has been defined as the consistent fulfilment of expectation. The employer brand should consequently be seen as an agreement between an organisation and its people. Consider it the mechanism through which companies communicate their “people deal” and share; awareness, aspirations, objectives, values and visions etc. It should provide existing or perspective talent with a clear, cohesive and consistent message. That message should demonstrate value and manage expectations, throughout the entire lifecycle of the relationship and beyond. Furthermore it should set the precedent for what an organisation expects of its people.

Constant engagement

Great employer branding consistently engages it audience throughout the employee/employer commitment. It should be embedded in all workforce interactions, from recruitment messaging, induction and on-boarding material, thorough to internal communications, engagement strategies, learning and development programs, coaching incentives, change management initiatives and even in exit procedures and alumni activities.

Telling your story

To get it right, the real art of effective employer branding is articulating your unique message correctly, distinctively and in a way which engages the audience. The employer brand and employee value proposition should be a reflection of the authentic culture which exists within an organisation. It is essential therefore to understand why the best talent would want to work for you, why they will stay working for you and why they will remain committed to delivering excellence in their work. Discovering this can often be difficult when you yourself are embedded within that culture. That’s where mecscomms can help!

Why use mecscomms for employer branding?

Not only does our independence uncover better insight, our expertise in knowing how, where and when to use that information is paramount. Our employer branding services are essentially designed to help organisations gain those insights and translate the findings into more effective messages. Irrespective of where you need help in the management of your employer reputation, mecscomms can offer a winning solution to improve your competitive edge. We can seamlessly support you with insight, innovation, creativity and management services, including any or all of the following:

Research, Planning and Strategy 
Narrative and Creative Development 
Propositioning and Positioning 
Production and Implementation
Engagement and Advocacy
Social Media Planning, Tracking and Management
Brand Management Consultancy

Although every assignment is bespoke, determined by individual circumstances, challenges, timeframes and budgets etc. you can be assured that we consistently deliver a significant return on investment and will positively impact your “employer of choice” status.

Whether you need help creating and placing an advert for a difficult to find candidate or a more comprehensive review of your entire employer brand position, find out how effective our marketing and branding strategies can engage the like-minded talent which will affect your bottom line.