Contract & Interim Services

Embracing the flexible workforce

In a workplace where change and challenge are commonplace, the benefits of a flexible workforce are evident. Whether you are experiencing a period of rapid growth, transformation, peak demand or simply require specific expertise to deliver a project, it’s essential to have access to the right skills when you need them most.

We know from experience that the timely supply of high quality contract resource is often the difference between success and failure. mecscomms contract and interim services deliver that specialist talent, on demand.

Delivering the best contract talent

Temporary should not mean a compromise on quality. Entrusting business objectives with any interim resource requires great confidence. Not only do you need swift access to quality contractors, you also need faith in their ability to deliver results efficiently. At mecscomms our ethos of quality first means:

Optimising the supply chain quickly
By constantly updating our resource pool, we know who is available and capable of meeting your needs. Our extensive network and experience makes expediency standard.

Scale and efficiency 
We have quickly sourced and secured contractors for single unique roles through to the campaign management and delivery of 100+ resources. Quality over quantity of applications will maximise productivity.

Technical knowhow
We’ve recruited for most roles that exist in Telecoms, Media and Technology. This expertise allows us to meet your requirements with precision.

Delivering hard to find expertise
We have a proven track record of delivering highly skills professionals for in demand skill sets through to strategic leaders with ownership of complex programmes and projects.

Controlling your budget
To help manage costs and budgets, we can provide insight on market trends. You will benefit from a competitive rate for our service and can take comfort in the knowledge that you are only paying fair market rates.

Compliance and diligence
You can have total peace of mind that due diligence, compliance and audit processes are not just adhered to, but given the highest priority.

Excellent customer service
A positive customer experience and ongoing support is essential to engage and motivate both our contractors and clients throughout the duration of an assignment. We deliver that!

Why mecscomms for contract recruitment services?

Successful contract recruitment requires a delicate balance of reacting at speed and ensuring quality standards are maintained. It’s the ability to bring likeminded professionals and organisations together, whereby each party benefits from the relationship and business needs are fulfilled.

Furthermore it requires legislative and compliance knowledge, combined with the wherewithal and up-to-date network of contacts to source the absolute best talent. For over 2 decades, mecscomms  have successfully combined this delicate balancing act, helping our clients achieve their contract recruitment ambitions. As a result of this expertise, you’ll benefit from the best quality talent, delivered at speed and value.

Whatever your temporary, contract or interim resource requirements, contact us today for a free consultation.