Executive Search

Who is aligning your people to your vision?

The ability to manage is undoubtedly an important attribute for senior level talent. That being said however, an aptitude to lead is where the real value is. To build effective teams requires a leadership that can secure buy-in, build consensus, drive innovation, motivate, inspire and communicate effectively. It’s apparent when an organisation’s people have confidence and faith in its management team and more notably, when they don’t! Strong leadership talent is a rare and valuable commodity.

Delivering solutions not CVs

Whilst all hires need to be good hires, it’s even more essential for executive appointments. For such mission critical engagements, organisations should look beyond the scope of internal resources and active job seekers. To secure the very best leadership and senior management talent, the utilisation of executive search and headhunting services can deliver a significant return on investment. When an appointment is made as a result of the whole market being explored, it’s reassuring to know that the very best person has been selected, to drive organisational performance.

Our knowledge is your power

As Telecoms, Media and Technology recruitment leaders, mecscomms has unparalleled access to the global talent shaping and driving the TMT industries. Over the years we have cultivated interpersonal relationships with an international network of senior management talent and continue to track rising stars.

We are recognised by senior executives as peers, with a true understanding of the markets in which they operate and the challenges they face. Through these bonds, information and knowledge is shared. This cohesive approach combined with our research capability enables our clients to benefit from the insight and collaborative partnerships we have developed.

The holistic approach

In the delivery of the very best leadership talent, more than just a whole of market search is required. The executive search practice at mecscomms has evolved a methodology that considers the full 360 degrees of the traditional search and selection process, to ensure we:

Gain deep insight
Conduct situation analysis and information gathering to understand business objectives. Provide counsel and collaboratively develop company, role, candidate and opportunity profiles.

Assess the global network 
Discreetly utilise research capability and leverage international and local relationships to identify potential talent pools. Identify a long list of prospects which will include active and passive candidates.

Engage, consult and present 
Interact with prospects to elicit interest, suitability and mutuality of opportunity. Act as brand ambassador in company and role presentations.

Profile and appraise 
Comprehensively evaluate prospective candidates to fully understand their capabilities and track record. Our appraisals go beyond the CV to measure skills, competencies, attributes, behaviours, characteristics, motivations, personalities and long term career objectives. Value and ethos alignment is also considered.

Present & coordinate
Deliver shortlist of suitable candidates and act as an advocacy for recommended applications. Provide communication, logistical support and guidance throughout the process.

Facilitate negotiations
Provide a platform for bipartisan discussions and dialogue. Evaluate and utilise feedback to overcome objections. Act as a trusted intermediary and moderator in contract negotiations, managing expectations and any concessions through to a win-win resolution.

Integration & transitioning
Support and nurture a smooth on-boarding process. Help to expedite and assimilate relationship development with other executives and teams.

Why choose mecscomms for executive search and senior appointments?

Whether your search is confidential and sensitive or requires a high profile prestigious campaign, mecscomms has a proven ability to supply the very best in senior and executive TMT talent.

In the pursuit of the perfect candidate, we will deliver not just active job seekers, but more importantly those whom we have identified as having the potential to exceed your expectations and whose curiosity we have stimulated. We will find the right solutions to your problems.

Every search is as unique as the DNA of the individual who ends up successfully fulfilling the brief. mecscomms understands this and will design a bespoke solution to transparently and quickly find, engage and present senior talent for you to consider.