Candidate Commitment


The team at mecscomms are dedicated to and passionate about our profession. We will go to extraordinary lengths to help you and to demonstrate superior customer service. Trust is something hard to earn but easy to lose. To help gain and maintain yours, we will provide the highest level of professional service delivery and will:

  • Treat you with integrity and honestly.

  • Only ever introduce you for an opportunity once you have expressly given your consent for us to do so.

  • Use your information confidentially; furthermore we will never request information that is not relevant to your job search.

  • Utilise constructive feedback to aid your personal development and improvement.

  • Provide relevant and regular updates and communications throughout the whole lifecycle of our engagement together.

  • Use our expertise and unsurpassed network of contacts to uncover hidden opportunities otherwise undetectable through conventional search methods.

  • Ensure you benefit from our in-depth understanding of your industry. We have acquired a great deal of knowledge, supporting individuals at varying levels of the career ladder, throughout various growth stages and economic cycles.

  • Utilise our credibility and market intelligence to provide you with the greatest insight and in order to make the very best first impression.

  • Help you effectively against the competition whilst ensuring an honest and realistic positioning of your abilities.

  • Provide you with the most comprehensive insight into any opportunity we present to you. It will not only include a detailed role, benefits and organisational overview but also an understanding of the culture, career path, hiring manager, team dynamics, strengths, weaknesses and many other factors which we consider important.

  • Increase the productivity of your job search through the elimination of inefficient recruitment activity.