Client Services

As award winning recruiters and the UK’s premier TMT talent specialist, we have the expertise and relationships you need. Our inside knowledge of people, companies, functions and cultures across TMT enables us to find the match you’re looking for.

Permanent Recruitment

Building the foundations of success 

Permanent recruitment is one of our specialities, and one in three interviews we set up results in an offer.

Since 1999 mecscomms has been sourcing world class TMT talent for permanent vacancies. Over many years we have developed talent pools and cultivated relationships with vast networks of industry contacts in order to source, vet and deliver the most appropriate candidates to meet your needs.

Our success rate is a result of two decades worth of experience and relationship building. Choosing mecscomms means partnering with one of the leading specialist recruitment consultants in TMT.

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Contract & Interim Services

Embracing the flexible workforce

Successful contract recruitment requires a delicate balance of reacting at speed and ensuring quality standards are maintained.

We know from experience that the timely supply of high quality contract resource is often the difference between success and failure.

mecscomms contract and interim services deliver that specialist talent, on demand. As a result of this expertise, you’ll benefit from the best quality talent, delivered at speed and value.

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Emerging Talent

From acorns mighty trees grow

New blood is the life blood of any company. When you’re looking to hire the very best of next generation talent, we understand how to attract, stimulate and communicate with the target audience.

Whether you seek interns, school leavers, apprentices, graduates or quality trainees, we have a solution to identify and deliver the high flyers of the future.

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Executive Search

Who is aligning your people to your vision?

To build effective teams requires a leadership that can secure buy-in, build consensus, drive innovation, motivate, inspire and communicate effectively.

Whether your search is confidential and sensitive or requires a high profile prestigious campaign, mecscomms has a proven ability to supply the very best in senior and executive TMT talent.

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The right outsourcing partner for peace of mind

mecscomms has created a suite of RPO solutions, ranging from scalable subscription based services up to fully managed solutions.

We aim to help enhance your recruitment strategy by either strengthening your existing efforts or designing a bespoke solution to deliver the results your business needs.

Through our RPO solutions, you can focus on your core business operations safe in the knowledge that your hiring and talent needs are taken care of.

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Assessment & Testing

Invest in a better understanding

• Are you looking for an effective way to evaluate candidates?
• Do you want to identify training needs in individuals or entire teams?
• Do you need to improve workplace relationships? 
• Want better insight for succession planning and career development programmes?

Making important HR decisions can be difficult – especially when the future of your company and employees is at stake. By investing in assessments and testing, you can get the insights you need to make impartial, informed and smart business decisions.
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Career Coaching

Cultivating and nurturing talent for growth

Today’s business environment is competitive! With the pace of change rapidly increasing, all too often individuals and organisations not only miss out on opportunities but also find themselves struggling to manage conflicting priorities. The results of such pressures can have a devastating impact on performance.

Our career management and professional development coaching can deliver a variety of benefits. Be it to improve specific skills, leadership abilities, operational or strategic thinking, innovation or even to help through a career transition, mecscomms are here to help.
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Career Transitions

Constant change, the new normal

Telecoms, Media and Technology is synonymous with change. From start-ups to multi-national conglomerates, events such as M&A, outsourcing, market pressures and advances in technology often result in the need to reorganise. With change being so commonplace it’s no wonder that restructuring and redundancy is a fact of life.

When an individual’s journey within your organisation must conclude and a redundancy situation is imminent mecscomms offer a bespoke outplacement service. We’ll help your existing team transition into new roles or departing staff to settle outside your organisation, allowing you to focus on moving forward with your business.
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Employer Branding

Constantly engaging the target audience 

Our employer branding services are designed to help articulate your unique message correctly, distinctively and in a way which engages the audience.

We can seamlessly support you with insight, innovation, creativity and management services. From creating and placing adverts for difficult to find candidates to a more comprehensive review of your entire employer brand proposition, we are here to help you.
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Research & Analysis

Insight lead solutions

Decisions that have a significant and positive impact on your organisation are more likely with the application of data science.

With mecscomms as your research and analysis partner, you can have assurance in the fact that your decisions are informed, supported by the most up to date statistics. 

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