Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse teams & inclusive working environments deliver significant business benefit

Everyone is different with something unique to offer! Society is made up of a wonderful eclectic mix of individuals each offering different skills, experiences, backgrounds and talents. An organisational structure reflecting the diverse communities in which we live, therefore offers enormous commercial advantage.

mecscomms is committed to equal opportunities across our attraction, selection and employment practices so that people are treated fairly, unhampered by artificial barriers, prejudices or preferences. We champion inclusiveness and individuality, handling assessments solely on the basis of competence and merit.

We treat all people equally irrespective of race, creed, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, age, religion or belief, connections with a national minority, gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, parental status, responsibility for dependants, absence from the labour market, spent criminal convictions, trade union activity, political belief, disability, physical appearance, education, social background, personal experience or any other criteria not specifically related to skills and ability.

Encouraging social integration in the workplace

mecscomms is committed to equality, supporting the integration of diverse communities and minority groups into the workplace. Through celebrating individuality and embracing diversity we champion the fundamental human right that everyone is entitled to enjoy a fulfilling career, without the fear of segregation or harassment.

In particular our diversity and inclusion policies reach out to people who identify or align with:


         Out and proud and a life without lables! We support
the Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or
Questioning, Intersex
and Asexuality+ community.

Women in
In the UK only 17% of people working in technology
are female.
We hope to positively influence this
statistic by championing
women to help address
this unbalance.
Disability &
We aim to support those people with physical and
mental health
challenges. We encourage our clients
to do the same, indorsing
wellbeing for all without


The world is made up of varied cultural, ethnic
and religious backgrounds. Our diversity practices
promote a reflection of this within the workplace.

Diversity, inclusion and equality

We strive to be inclusive to all people across diverse cultures, including minority social groups and promote this philosophy for others to embrace. For example we:
  • Welcome applications from people with a variety of opinions, backgrounds, attitudes, beliefs and motivations that combined, make up the fabric of society

  • Respect difference and celebrate individuality in everyone we have the pleasure of engaging with

  • Ensure we are accessible to all stakeholders and that those stakeholders are able to reach their maximum potential

  • Champion equal opportunities and seek out the opinions of stakeholders in any decisions which may affect their interest

  • Deploy various strategies to maximise the possibility of receiving applications from a varied and diverse pool of job seekers

  • Ensure that any assessments we conduct are fair, based on merit and that everyone is treated equally, without prejudice