Candidate Services

Permanent Careers

Building the foundations of success

Permanent recruitment is one of our specialities, and one in three interviews we set up results in an offer. The reason for this success is that we take the time to understand exactly what matters to you, and why.

You are at the heart of everything we do. We place people not assets, we forge careers not placements and we work for you and the employer to create harmonious teams.

Our success rate is a result of two decades worth of experience and relationship building. Choosing us means partnering with one of the leading specialist recruitment consultants in TMT. A chat with us may well be the first step towards securing your ideal career.

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Contract & Interim Services

Consultancy and freelance assignments 

For those with in demand talents, the gig economy presents an opportunity to capitalise on sought after skills.

We understand the intricacies of the contracting world and provide advice and support to those whom operate within it.

From supplying insight on the most desired skill sets and market rates through to the timely management of renewals, mecscomms can help you to realise your full potential and ensure any assignment you undertake runs efficiently and smoothly.
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Career Coaching

Cultivating and nurturing your career

To ensure that you give yourself the best prospects for success, coaching and mentoring services could provide the platform to aid your career development.

Our career management and professional development coaching can delivered a variety of benefits. Be it to improve specific skills, leadership abilities, operational or strategic thinking, innovation or even to help through a career transition, mecscomms are here to help.

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Career Transitions

Constant change, the new normal

Telecoms, Media and Technology is synonymous with change. From start-ups to multi-national conglomerates, events such as M&A, outsourcing, market pressures and advances in technology often result in the need to reorganise. With change being so commonplace it’s no wonder that restructuring and redundancy is a fact of life.

If you have been affected by an organisational restructure or redundancy situation mecscomms is here to help. We will assist you in progressing to the next stage of your career, providing you with the necessary support and knowledge to expertly guide you through this journey and onto pastures new.
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The people, people

Everything we do is designed to ensure your potential is realised. Our team are highly experienced in developing other people’s careers and are committed to supporting you on route to a better future.

We take time to understand what matters to you and provide the support and expert guidance needed to help you find that perfect opportunity.

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Candidate Commitment


Trust is something hard to earn but easy to lose. To help gain and maintain yours, we will provide the highest level of professional service delivery.

The team at mecscomms are dedicated to and passionate about our profession. We will go to extraordinary lengths to help you and to demonstrate superior customer service.

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